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l i f e k i c k s

has Bryan leaving journalism to fundraise for an inner city youth center, located in the national capital on the lead-up to a national election. He soon finds himself face-to-face with gritty youth living on the edge with little hope, often rural drifters landing on the street, facing other troubles, while social media reigns, their daily pursuit that rarely breaks open their solitudes. Bryan and Barbara, his colleague, work with the youth to find a common ground for moving forward, looking for connections and love, a reality that becomes dominant for all over the span of a week that this story follows

about the author
Kevin Morris has drawn his inspiration for this story from his experiences in community and international development, and careers in artist-run-centres, pottery, and teaching. Hey
and his partner have moved into a rural region north of the national capital.


His previous publishing is: short story in
The Antigonish Review, and In Times Wanting, a novel.

Sales will support the

Venosta station renovation project

To indicate your request for the novel with your DONATION of $25 or more, confirm this in the "Write us a comment" in the donor's page with your name and address for delivery.


Market price $29.95 — BAICO Publisher.



SUPPORT IN 2020 was: $55,200

​by donations, volunteering and spreading the word.




The Wesley M Nicol Foundation

will match your donations up to              $50,000

Total Fundraising & Donations to Date: $40,442
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Please contribute to the creation of a:


* a social enterprise engaging and employing youth  

* hot and cold  drinks * healthy snacks * sweet treats

* a platform for public events on the

Véloroute des Draveurs and a

Regional Youth Resource Center

* workshops * skills programs * education support *

* outreach workers * employment assistance * career help

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