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Venosta Train Station 1900.png

The Venosta train station was first build in the late 19th century by Edgar Berryman - Up the Gatineau! Volume 43, pg 64.

Être et Devenir / Be and Become started up under ACSADK Assn. in Kazabazua in 2011 with a federal Skills Link project, an employment program for out of school and work youth, funded by Service Canada; now we exist as a not-for-profit organization.  With the need for a youth centre in this region, we were donated the train station in 2017. 


Increase youth-community connections by developing and supporting community-based activities that encourage youth engagement and leadership to empower youth 9 to 34 years of age in their own development.


Through the operations of the Venosta train station, we aim to serve youth of the Outaouais region, while offering connections between them and travellers in general accessing the café — especially the users of the Véloroute, which is now the remaining link to the Trans Canada Trail. But our main focus is operating a safe and engaging haven for youth, with access to the Regional Youth Resource Centre on the second floor, and employment opportunities in the café and other social enterprises that develop in our ongoing operations.


Kevin Morris - President
Tara Schippers - Director

Maureen McEvoy - Chair

Charles Kealey - Accounting

Sandra Shean - Secretary

Angèle Gagnon - Board Member

Renovation Committee

Charles Kealey

Ian Sorto

Jim Gleason

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